The one book on stocks Id have, if I could have just one

- Dilip K Shah, editor at Smart Investment
(English and Gujarati editions), Ahmedabad


This book has laid bare myths about investments and revealed startling truths

- Vikram Lele, owner and founder of Viklele Associates, Pune


This easy to understand book can be a great guide for all kinds of stock investors including amateurs.

- Sanjay Kumar, Ranchi


This book can change the approach of an investor towards stocks.

- M C Nath, Bhopal


This book is equally rewarding for amateurs to experts.

- Rohan Sachdev, London


Its practical approach.

- Ms Meenakshi Jhunjhunwala, Kolkata


With so much hula-bulla in stock market, a cool book on making easy money in stocks.

-Vineet Rajkapoor, Chandigrah


A practical advice from someone who has so rich experience.

- Haresh Agnani, Baroda


An easy-to-navigate blueprint for making money from stocks.

- K Aneel, Hyderabad


Full of short stories, checklists, Parallels, and no-nonsense advice for any type of investor.

- Binu Ravindran, Kerala


This book is a no-brainer for anyone wanting to mine gold from the stock market.

- Anil Sachdev, Noida


This book has tried to answer all the challenges faced by an investor.

- Manohar Dadlani, Businessman, Indore


Dramatically increases the confidence by the time you finish the book.

- Vipul Gandhi, Stock Broker and Consultant, Ahmedabad


The book is jam-packed with ideas and parallels drawn of exactly how to manage stock portfolio and make money consistently.

- Jigma Waghmare, Mumbai


Such a dull topic of value investing has been explained in a very creative manner.

- Vikash Sayankar, Mumbai


What sets this book apart is the radically different way of viewing the stock value and portfolio.

- S C Bansal, Moga (Punjab)


Your book is a great guiding system, and is transforming my investment style. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience!

- Sunita Dadlani


The book has been the greatest thing to stumble upon since I stepped into the stock investments! Thank you!

- Pawan Sharma, Gurgaon


I would like to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for publishing your practical tips. It helped me a lot in controlling emotions

- Vaibhav Gupta, Australia


"Very useful for investors who are ready to eliminate the obstacles that have held them back from reaching their full potential"

- Anil Johri, Gwalior