His knack of picking potential multibaggers is widely acclaimed in investor circles. His research work is praised by one and all including ICFAI, Hyderabad.

His main non-professional interests are classical music, Chess, television, and non-fiction. Born in Bhopal he did his Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunications from SGSITS, Indore. Since school days he was good at short distance running. But somewhere inside was residing a desire for long distance race. This desire got fulfilled in college days when he became a Marathon Champion.

He was not a good public speaker, but steadily he gained the expertise. A K Asnani has twenty-six years of experience in stock research, investment and journalism. A widely admired advisor, he is committed to bring greater clarity to stock investments and to increase financial literacy among investors.

He has been teaching people and investors from all walks of life, how to plan for retirement and create enormous wealth so as to pursue their passions and desires.

To help investors he started ‘Smart Portfolio’ with a sum of Rs 1.00 lacs in May 2001. It delivered exceptionally strong returns of 28% CAGR to reach to a value of Rs 45.29 lacs in as on 26th Oct 2016.

 Yearly Returns
Year Date Smart Portfolio BSE Sensex
1 28-May-02 22.69% -08.68%
2 28-May-03 10.88% -06.40%
3 09-Jun-04 111.36% 59.20%
4 08-Jun-05 74.83% 37.13%
5 07-Jun-06 58.24% 44.64%
6 06-Jun-07 24.40% 23.09%
7 04-Jun-08 08.40% 08.39%
8 03-Jun-09 -21.39% -05.50%
9 02-Jun-10 58.59% 10.85%
10 01-Jun-11 00.15% 11.57%
11 30-May-12 -23.10% -11.62%
12 29-May-13 11.06% 22.96%
13 28-May-14 49.05% 22.07%
14 27-May-15 56.45% 11.79%
15 01-Jun-16 09.37% -03.07%


During these fifteen years BSE Sensitive Index delivered positive returns for ten years while Smart Portfolio logged positive returns for thirteen years!

Smart Portfolio delivered CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) of whooping 27.89% during these 15.5 years against 13.66% by BSE Sensex.

To the best of our knowledge no Stock Index or Mutual Fund in India or anywhere in the world has delivered such high returns during this period!

A K Asnani is a speaker, coach, research analyst, mentor and author. He is a motivational speaker and speaks to educational institutes and public audiences on the subjects of personal finance. A frequent speaker at investment seminars and conferences, he has taught post-graduate level courses on finance and investments.

Author can be contacted at :
+91 9893512098